Cinema Room - Red walls with white furniture and small cocktail bar in corner

Home Cinemas & Entertainment Rooms

Break open the popcorn...

...and get ready for an immersive experience with a wide range of Home Cinema Systems available, it is the ultimate showpiece of our Residential Audio Visual Solutions.

Via your Smartphone or controller you can quietly close the curtains, dim the lights and the movie commences. Impress your guests with the superb quality of the picture projected on to the high-definition screen.

Listen to unparalleled sound throughout the room and really feel at the centre of the action.

Complete the home cinema experience with luxury reclining seats, specialist furniture, popcorn machine and a drink dispenser.

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things

— Theodore Levitt
Image of handheld controller with 'Theater' on it in front of a modern lounge area

Entertainment Rooms

The AV environment and the potential for a wide range of activities, not just cinema, has increased dramatically. The large screen or projector aspect offers so much more whether it’s somewhere to hook up the Playstation or to watch sports with your family and friends or just to binge watch your favourite soaps.

Now these spaces are becoming so much more and developed from different rooms or areas like a garden room or extension. Combining functions like a ShOffice (Shed/Office) or GaOffice (Garage/Office). By creating these Hybrid spaces it also allows you to introduce other technologies like Virtual Reality scenarios and immersive gaming.

Cinema/Entertainment Spaces can be created out of any ‘normal room’ the products are available now to convert a room into a Cinema Room for instance without the need for lots of speakers and acoustic panels. With a manufacturer like Steinway & Lyngdorf the set up can be achieved with just 5 speakers which are then programmed through the system during the set up to provide the optimum sound and experience within the parameters of an existing environment.

Entertainment space - with a large screen in modern black & white setting with 3 large chairs in front