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Introducing DIGIW walcom's cloud based digital signage solution

Get your brand message across to a wider audience without complications, we made it simple!

What is DIGIW?

Our service is a Digital Signage platform in the Cloud with super easy CMS and an intuitive dashboard to manage what gets displayed on signage screens in various commercial settings. Our signage players are compact, powerful yet very efficient.

What are the main features of DIGIW?

  • HDMI-in support
  • Use URLs with web content
  • Media Tags for easy filing
  • Edit Images with Layers
  • Edit all uploaded Images online
  • Crop, Rotate, Filters, and more
Digital Signage - Man in front of virtual display

Manage Media

  • Videos / Images / Audio
  • PowerPoint
  • Documents (PDF, MS Office)
  • YouTube Videos
  • Streaming from YouTube Live, Ustream, IP streamers and more
Digital Signage - Virtual Dashboard 3


  • Super smooth RSS tickers
  • Text overlays, weather, clocks
  • Social walls + more coming
  • Custom Widgets: freely develop and upload your own code
  • ... and many more features
Digital Signage - Virtual Dashboard 2


  • Add multiple content entries
  • Define when content is used
  • Setup priority for overlapping entries
  • Turn screen on/off using CEC control
Digital Dashboard 4

System Configuration

  • Ethernet/ WiFi /4G Configuration
  • HTTP Proxies Authentication
  • Up to 4K resolution, also handles custom resolutions
  • Supports Landscape and Portrait orientations
  • User Management
  • Security features such as two-factor authentication asstandard all three subscription level. *Additional security features are available for professional and enterprise subscriptions.
Digital Dashboard 5 - creating a new dashboard

Does DIGIW comply with enterprise security requirements?

  • Workspaces

  • Granular access control

  • Create virtual spaces for content items and players

  • Assign Roles to Users (access rights) in Workspaces

  • Have multiple Content Managers across sites, with flexible hierarchies.

  • Ideal for multi-site implementation and/or global deployments

  • SSO using SAML

  • Connect to any SAML Identity Provider for Single Sign-On

  • Audit Logs

  • Searchable and downloadable activity logs for all Users

  • Customisable Password Policy

  • Define password strength & expiration for all Users

  • IP Address Restrictions

  • Restrict Users from logging in from unauthorised IP addresses

  • Player Secure Lockdown

  • Blocks any kind of remote access to the Players

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