Man sat at laptop, head in hands as can't access material files etc as his IT Network is in crisis with too much data to process!

Are video meetings throwing your IT Network into Crisis?

Especially as we are communicating more with Video Calls, attending Webinars and Video Conferences either from the office or home as we embrace this Hybrid way of working.

This isn’t about your next breakfast event in person or from the comfort of your laptop (although it will have some relevance) this is, about something just as critical – your IT Network! This is what all your technology, emails, computers and Audio Visual systems depend on.

As we’ve all probably experienced at one time or another if you lose your broadband or have a power failure you are literally in the dark (unless you have a UPS of course). Even then, if your company’s network is starting to feel the strain just consider how much you have ‘hooked up’ to it right now… Computers, Tablets, Smart Phones, Smart Speakers, Printers, Video Conference systems, VOIP etc.

Then think what your Network is now a conduit for…files, web pages galore, YouTube videos, social media, downloads, uploads, video conferences, online meetings (Zoom, Teams, Webex etc), VOIP calls….and how is it coping? How great is your Wi-Fi?

Well, it probably isn’t or if it is, as more people access more online content your Network is going to slow down. Okay not as it used to be back in the day when we used to do laps of the office when we managed to get a 1Mb file in 20 minutes on an ISDN line, now if it’s not with us in milliseconds we’re in melt down, the end of the world is upon us and it takes another trip to the Café to settle us down…or become more ‘wired’ as that’s the fourth café latte with a caramel shot this morning!

Now is the time to take stock and reflect on what you have and how is it managing especially as we are communicating more with Video Calls, attending Webinars and Video Conferences either from the office or home as we embrace this Hybrid way of working.

It is also something we at Walcom Integration are used to dealing with and have helped several companies and individuals with a better solution that often involves streamlining their system and ensuring that they have the right equipment and set up.

By focusing on your network especially your connectivity whether it’s over standard telephone lines, Fibre, 4g or 5G we are making sure your foundation is solid and then by understanding your usage criteria we can ensure you have the right channels available to make full use of your systems and methods of operation.

So, what is the best plan of action to find out what is available and how good (or bad) your current system is? I would suggest a call with your current IT Support company to see if they have kept you up to date and fully understand and have ensured you have all the bases covered.

If you don’t have anyone or you would like a second opinion, then please give us a call and we can discuss your current arrangement and then decide if a visit and full Health Check of your system is appropriate.

Health Check Engineer

For these Health Checks, if within 60 miles of one of our engineers we do not charge but these are inspections only and we cannot do fixes or repairs during these checks – but first make that telephone call and we can plan it from there. The main priority is to get you operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.