SMART Home Audio Video Media Wall in lounge with grey walls and units .

SMART Home High End Media Walls & Decorative Surface Finishes

High End Media Walls & Decorative Surface Finishes

Thinking about installing a media wall in your home? in this article Walcom Integration (premier audio visual installations for the residential & commercial markets) and Iconic Surfaces (luxury epoxy resin surface finishes) collaborate, to not only tell you everything you need to know about your Audio & Video Media Wall set up but also how you can finish your surfaces to create a stunning centre piece in any room.

What is a media wall?

A media wall is really any wall in your home that becomes the focus for your media equipment, it can involve boxing out an area to create a recess for TV’s, speakers and even fireplaces, or it could just be a simple screen, mounted on a wall. Almost every home has a TV in their main living area and this is going to be the focal point, so you need to consider two factors, first am I getting the optimum quality in terms of audio and video from my hardware, and secondly does this focal point add to the overall interior design of the room?

Media Wall Set Up

There are a few different options here and many different price points, we won’t get into the costs but if you want further information get in touch with Walcom Integration, their contact details are below.

Wall mounted TV - This is about as simple as it gets, ideally you want a TV outlet and power socket positioned at high level, otherwise your options for cabling are to chase out a new socket, feed through a cable or have surface mounted trunking, your Audio Visual contractor can advise on the best solution for you. Even the best TV’s have poor sound, this is because the manufacturers want you to purchase additional audio hardware from them such as soundbars or speakers, we’d always advise the addition of quality speakers/soundbar to accompany your TV for the best results.

Wall mounted TV with soundbar – Same as above only this time we’ve added a soundbar for improved audio. Soundbars range from a simple 2 channel set up to full Dolby Atmos surround sound, again your Audio Visual contractor can advise on the best options for you at each price point.

Wall mounted TV and free-standing speakers – considered a bit clunky these days to have free standing speakers but for truly quality audio, especially if you are using them for music, a free-standing speaker will give you the very best audio response. Smaller bookcase speakers also provide excellent sound quality and are small enough to be positioned on shelving if you have that incorporated as part of your media wall.


Wall mounted and surround sound speakers – want true 5.1 surround sound for movie viewing, then this is the way to go (actually 7.2 is the way to go for the absolute best cinema experience but outside of dedicated cinema rooms is a bit overkill for the average living area). As well as your three speakers at the front (front left, front right & centre or 3 channel soundbar) you also need to position a subwoofer (or two for 5.2 set up) and two rear speakers (rear left, rear right). These days you can find wireless rear speakers and subwoofers if you want to avoid trailing wires, but a wired system will always provide the best audio and your Audio Visual professional can advise the correct ways to conceal wiring.

Other consideration

Mounting Height - One thing to consider is the height your TV is mounted, a TV should always be at eye level as should your speakers, a quality Audio Visual contractor can advise on the best heights taking into consideration other factors in the room such as distance from TV and height of your seating.

Boxing out – This is the process of building a frame out of timber allowing you to conceal and recess all of your Audio Visual equipment. This can be designed to fit any style or size of room with or without additional shelving, your Audio Visual contractor will be able to design this for you using CAD and can often provide a 3D model. Walcom Integration are one company who can manage this entire process form beginning to end so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the final product.

Wires - we cannot stress enough that proper cable management is key, often you will have multiple inputs into a TV such as sky, games consoles and streaming sticks, all of these require cables and can quickly become unsightly. The best solution with the most flexibility is to have high and low brush plates with conduit in between, that way you can easily feed through additional cables if required. This can be quite tricky though if you’re trying to retrofit your TV so seek the advice of a competent audio-visual professional to properly design your media wall even if you carry out some of the works yourself.

Media Wall Surface Design

So, you’ve got your Audio Visual set up sorted, now you need to finish the surfaces to create a real wow factor, wall mounting equipment without proper consideration for the overall design of the room can ruin the ambience and comfort, after all you won’t have your TV on all of the time.

There are multiple options including traditional painting or wallpapering (nice and straightforward if a little uninspiring), however if you’re really looking for some wow factor, and who isn’t?! then our friends at Iconic Surfaces can introduce you too some products you might not be aware of.

Epoxy Resin Walls – Epoxy resin can be used to create almost any surface design and colour combination, looking for a luxury marble finish at a fraction of the cost of proper marble? Epoxy resin is the answer. Epoxy resin wall designs are fabricated off site using standard ply and then fitted into place, this is especially useful if you are boxing out an area to recess your Audio Visual equipment as the surfaces can be prepared at the same time as the box frame is built and the Audio Visual installed reducing the overall installation time and disruption for you.

Microcement Walls – Using cementitious resins you can great beautiful industrial/modern cement finishes to your walls which will get no end of positive comments. Unlike traditional cement you are not limited just to Grey either, with decorative cements available in a range of colours. Extremely hard wearing and easy to maintain microcmeent and cement resins are becoming increasingly popular for home media walls.

Decorative Paints – Now we mentioned paint earlier as being one of the ‘traditional’ methods for decorating a well but thermo decorative paints are a whole different ball game. Firstly, a thermal insulating paint helps reduce heat loss and save money on your energy bills, secondly the range of finishes is astounding. Sand, concrete, metal… brushing, glazing, materiality… these and many more are the available finishes.

So, there we have at, a range of things to consider ensuring you get the perfect media wall set up and room finish.

For further information and advice regarding your Audio Visual installation please contact Walcom Integration

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And for further information on luxury epoxy resin walls please contact Iconic Surfaces

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