Unhappy woman at Christmas with Santa hat on

A Video Bar is not just for Christmas!

With the pandemic still hovering over all of our heads as Christmas approaches and with many of us still far away from our family and friends this festive season is still looking to be a lonely one! Fortunately we have learned to adapt to Zoom calls and Face time on our Laptops and phones but that still doesn’t quite feel like ‘being in the room’ with those people we know and love.

There is a better way to enhance our Virtual Christmas’s that’s by adding a ‘Video Bar’ to our current TV (as long as it has an HDMI connection) that will allow you to connect and interact with your loved ones. This way with the built in camera, microphones and speakers you can enjoy a big screen experience and relax in each other’s company, without putting either of you at risk.

Just imagine being able to see and enjoy the grand children opening their presents on Christmas Day as they sit around the tree tearing at the wrapping paper or as we approach New Year joining in the celebrations with a whole virtual group of friends on Zoom!

Looking ahead to 2022 and what it holds for many of us also could mean more time spent at home working in isolation and yet the addition of the video bar can elevate your meetings and with the use of the high quality system improve everyone’s experience, okay you might have to tidy up the living room a bit but it will make team meetings feel more personal and inclusive!

Family enjoying a virtual Christmas.

Installing a Video Bar by a an expert is relatively straightforward and after it’s up and running then it can be simply controlled from an app on your phone either via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, keeping it simple and professional.

Video Bars are available with a range of options to match your home and/or office environment so always best to get in touch with the experts like Walcom Integration to find out what really is going to work for you.

So before you finalise your Christmas Wish List…don’t forget to add a video bar and then let the virtual party begin…safely & legally!!!