Smart phone  with app controls for Smart Home devices

A great Network is the foundation for your SMART Home

As we’ve all probably experienced at one time or another if you lose your broadband or have a power failure you are literally in the dark so it makes sense to ensure it is checked regularly to keep pace with today’s demands. Home Network are starting to feel the strain, just consider how much you have ‘hooked up’ to your Network right now…SMART Home devices such as Lighting Controls, Security devices, Computers, Tablets, Smart Phones, Smart Watches, Smart Speakers, SMART TVs, Printers, Audio Visual Systems and not to mention Game Consoles!

Then add on to that what’s being streamed or viewed, managed and stored via your Network  - files, web pages galore, YouTube videos, Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus etc Social Media, Downloads, Uploads, Videos, VOIP telephony, online games, E-sports….oh and not forgetting good old TV. Especially with Hybrid working, more of us are having online meetings (Zoom, Teams or Webex), and webinars to attend, so just how is it managing…on a single dedicated broadband line?

Well, it probably isn’t or if it is as more of your family access more online content your Network is going to slow down. So now is the time to take stock and reflect on what you have and how is it managing especially as we are communicating more over the internet.

So, what is the best plan of action to find out what is available and how good (or bad) your current system is? Well, you might want to call your current broadband supplier, but you could be ‘on hold’ for some time and when you do get through most of them are only too happy to just sell you an upgrade to your package as opposed to improving your system.

If you don’t have anyone or you would like a second opinion, then please give us a call and we can discuss your current arrangement and then decide if a visit and a Network Health Check of your system is appropriate.

For these Health Checks, if within a 40 mile of Bournemouth we are happy to send out one of our engineers - we do not charge for these but they are purely a 30 minute inspection to give both of us an idea of how healthy your home Network system is. We cannot do fixes or repairs during these checks but we will be able to give you an idea of what needs fixing or correcting and how much that would be – but first make that telephone call and we can plan it from there.

The main priority is to see your Network operating and you and your family in a happy place!

Call or email now for a chat to see how we can help you.