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2023 Planning Ahead…

look first at how much that meeting is costing your company in terms of exec time in travelling and any other associated expenses

Spread the cost of your Audio Visual Meeting or Conference Room

Businesses will also need to look towards ways of saving or spreading the costs of capital expenditure

Create your dream garden room or shed conversion.

According to YouGov, almost 50% of people in the UK now work from home on a regular basis.

How home automation can help you keep your loved ones safe and sound

One of the key elements to home automation is the ability to manage safety and security from anywhere in the world. From checking the door locks and monitoring who’s entering the property to receiving instant alerts and status updates, you can have complete peace of mind.

Unlock the potential of your home with smart tech

SMART Home automation can help, with 57% of smart device owners revealing they’ve saved time on everyday tasks.

A great Network is the foundation for your SMART Home

Just consider how much you have ‘hooked up’ to your Network right now…SMART Home devices such as Lighting Controls, Security devices, Computers, Tablets, Smart Phones, Smart Watches, Smart Speakers, SMART TVs, Printers, Audio Visual Systems, IoT Devices and not to mention Game Consoles!

How's your Network coping?

We used to do laps of the office when we managed to get a 1Mb file in 20 minutes on an ISDN line, now if it’s not with us in milliseconds we’re in melt down!

In Love with Alexa….the first step on the rung to SMART Home Automation.

As SMART Home integrators, Walcom Integration have been witness to the rise in high end SMART Home functionality over the last 15 years.

Myth Busting the SMART Home

Alexa entered many peoples' lives not so long ago, well March 2014 to be exact.

Meetings costs in a crisis! Face 2 Face or Virtual?

Contact us Now to download your free template [Meeting Cost Calculator Spreadsheet] and see how much your meetings potentially cost and how much could be saved with the right Audio Visual system for your business.

Are you constantly being asked to 'Do More' with the same budget?

  You need to draw up specifications for an Audio Visual Solution that is probably as alien to you as knowing all the component parts of the ‘Millennium Falcon’!