Audio Visual Consultancy & Design Services

Our consultancy services combine the business understanding and technology expertise you need to achieve your outcomes. From strategy to IP technology to global standards.


Audio Visual & Video Conference STRATEGY 

Stay focused on your business. Not your technology. Our extensive experience of defining Audio Visual strategy and developing solution roadmaps helps enterprises achieve reliable communication and collaboration.

Working as your trusted advisors, we gain insights into your business goals to deliver the practical solutions that help drive your strategy forward. Whatever the complexity or scope of your workplace transformation projects, we build realistic plans that ensure successful delivery.

Drawing on years of valuable knowledge and expertise, we focus on your business continuity and equipping you with effective support. Our assessments cover the system design, aesthetics, and overall infrastructure of every project. This forms the basis of our careful design and implementation processes, delivering the highest standards of performance and innovation.

We also have extensive experience of working with Audio Visual consulting firms, specifying the systems that meet everyone’s requirements.



Integration with traditional IT networks and services is opening new opportunities for innovation, flexibility and scalability in the Audio Visual industry. Audio and video over IP provide unlimited opportunity for communication and collaboration. Control and monitoring over IP opens the door to effective and efficient remote support capability.

Leveraging these technologies whilst ensuring that core business services and security policies remain unaffected requires a detailed knowledge and understanding of enterprise networks.

Our dedicated, integrated network specialists are on hand to work with your IT teams, from the initial planning phase through to successful deployment and testing.

Our consultative, end-to-end approach ensures we fully understand your existing network and associated services. This enables us to provide the best possible advice and guidance in preparing your network for new technology. Throughout, we adhere strictly to best practices across security, data routing and service integration.

Ensuring complete satisfaction with your adoption of ‘AV over IP’ technology, our specialists remain engaged throughout deployment and testing.



Defining a global Audio Visual standard, governing the design, deployment and support of all Audio Visual technology across your estate is essential in the creation of a consistent and manageable Audio Visual environment.

Our Standards Design service allows you to define, capture and share Audio Visual standards as standardised, modular solutions. These can be applied across any type of meeting environment, from intimate huddle spaces to premium boardrooms and the most sophisticated event spaces.

A key aspect of the design phase of any project is ensuring the Audio Visual elements are included from the outset, certainly ‘retro fit’ solutions can be incorporated, but it is far better that the systems to be considered are designed into the project at those early stages with Architects, Planners and procurement to ensure what is required is designed to fit the bill. As fully certified CTS-D, Walcom Integration is ideally positioned to manage this phase and collaborating at this stage better ensures an efficient and managed installation reducing any delays or issues once on site.